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itinerary a detailed plan of travel.
manager the person who controls a business or acts as the leader of a plan or project.
maneuver a clever or sly plan. [1/5 definitions]
meet1 to come to one spot and see one another, by chance or plan. [1/8 definitions]
model to plan or form according to a model. [1/10 definitions]
navigate to plan, manage, or control the course of (a ship, aircraft, or the like). [2/5 definitions]
outline a short, written plan of the main ideas of a book, speech, or report. [1/4 definitions]
plan to develop or design a plan for. [1/4 definitions]
plot1 a secret plan that has an illegal or dangerous purpose. [1/4 definitions]
policy1 a set of rules or a plan that is used as a guide for action.
program a plan of what will be done; schedule. [2/7 definitions]
projection a plan for a course of action. [1/5 definitions]
proposal a suggested plan. [1/2 definitions]
propose to intend or plan. [1/3 definitions]
proposition a suggested plan of action. [1/2 definitions]
purpose a reason or plan that guides an action; design or goal. [1/3 definitions]
roam to move or travel around without a plan; wander. [1/2 definitions]
schedule a plan of when certain actions or events will be carried out. [1/4 definitions]
scheme a plan or plot. [4/5 definitions]
strategy a plan, method, or series of actions meant to perform a particular goal or effect. [1/2 definitions]
wander to move about with no purpose, aim, or plan; roam. [1/3 definitions]