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junior high school a school between elementary school and high school; middle school. Junior high school usually includes grades seven, eight, and nine.
kindergarten a program for very young children. Kindergarten teaches some of the activities that are done in school.
mark1 a grade on a school paper or test. [1/9 definitions]
monitor a student given the task of helping to keep order within a school. [1/5 definitions]
music room in a school, a classroom where music is taught and where instruments may be kept.
nursery a place where babies and young children are taken care of while their parents are working or in school; nursery school. [1/3 definitions]
nursery school a school for children before they go to kindergarten.
nurse's office in a school, the office of the school's nurse, where students go for help if they are injured or do not feel well during school.
outing a trip away from home or school for pleasure; field trip.
p a grade given for passing or satisfactory school work. [1/2 definitions]
pavilion one of a group of buildings that form a complex such as of a hospital or school. [1/2 definitions]
pennant a long flag shaped like a triangle. Pennants are used on ships for signaling or as a sign for a school, team, or some other group.
period a section of a school day. [1/4 definitions]
physical education instruction in sports, exercise, and the care of the human body. Physical education is taught in a school.
play structure a large structure, often made of metal or wood, that is built for children to climb and play on. Play structures are most often found in school playgrounds or parks.
preschool a school for children who are under the age for kindergarten. In the U.S. and Canada, children usually start kindergarten around five years old.
primary school a school that has the first three or four grades and sometimes kindergarten.
principal the person who is head of a school. [1/3 definitions]
principal's office the office of the head of a school, where decisions concerning the school are made and where discipline is sometimes carried out or decided on. The principal's office is also a place where students can wait during school hours for someone to pick them up if they need to go home for some reason.
public school in the US, an elementary, middle, or high school that is free and supported by people's taxes. [2 definitions]
recess a relaxing break from an activity, such as school classes or trials in court. [1/4 definitions]