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jury a group of people formed to judge a contest or competition. [1/2 definitions]
landslide a great victory in a contest. [1/2 definitions]
marathon any contest or activity that requires great effort over a long period of time. [1/2 definitions]
match2 a person able to equal another in a contest or other activity. [2/6 definitions]
meet1 a gathering of athletes for a contest. [1/8 definitions]
neutral not taking any side in an argument or contest. [1/4 definitions]
place to finish a race or contest in a particular position. [1/12 definitions]
play to be active in a game or contest. [1/8 definitions]
prize a reward given to the winner of a contest or game. [1/4 definitions]
quarter one of four parts of a sports contest. [1/9 definitions]
race1 a sport or contest of speed. [3/7 definitions]
rodeo a show or contest of cowboy skills such as riding wild horses or roping cattle.
root3 to cheer for a team or a person in a contest. [1/2 definitions]
run a contest of running; race. [1/30 definitions]
score to add up the points of a contest. [2/8 definitions]
scoreboard a large board on which the score in an athletic contest is shown, often along with other information about the game or players.
shoot a shooting contest or a hunting expedition. [1/11 definitions]
tie to make even in a contest. [2/9 definitions]
tournament a contest of skill including a series of games where those who lose one game may no longer take part. [2 definitions]
train to prepare oneself to be in an athletic contest. [1/9 definitions]
underdog a person or team that is expected to lose a contest in sports or politics.