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knit to join together and make secure. [1/4 definitions]
link to join or unite by a link or connection. [1/3 definitions]
marry to join as husband and wife. [1/2 definitions]
meet1 to join (someone) at a time and place that has been agreed on. [2/8 definitions]
mingle to come together or join with other people. [1/2 definitions]
organize to join together into a group or movement. [1/3 definitions]
piece to join in order to mend or make a whole (often followed by "together"). [1/6 definitions]
recruit to get to join. [1/3 definitions]
side to join one person or group of people that is against another person or group of people. [1/12 definitions]
sign up to join or cause to join a particular group, class, or activity; register.
splice to join (two pieces of film, tape, or similar things) at the ends. [1/2 definitions]
stitch to fasten, or join with stitches; sew. [1/5 definitions]
take (someone's) part to join with or support someone.
troop to join together or assemble in a crowd. [1/4 definitions]
unite to join together into a whole; combine. [1/3 definitions]
wed to join in marriage. [2/3 definitions]
weld to join metal or plastic by using heat, followed either by pressure or by adding a melted material. [1/2 definitions]
willing ready to join in happily or gladly. [1/2 definitions]
wire to fasten or join with wire. [1/8 definitions]
yoke a device used to join together a pair of work animals. A yoke is made up of a wooden bar with two U-shaped ends that fit around the animals' heads. [1/3 definitions]