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laboratory a place for science students to experiment, make observations, and practice scientific techniques, or a place equipped with special technology for various students to use as an aid to learning. [1/3 definitions]
law the science, study, or profession dealing with legal matters. [1/5 definitions]
-logy a suffix that means "the science or study of."
medicine the science of identifying and treating disease or injury. [1/2 definitions]
meteorology the science that studies the earth's weather and atmosphere.
museum a building where collections of objects that are important to history, art, or science are kept and shown to the public.
natural without any changes that humans are capable of making, especially through the use of science and technology. [1/7 definitions]
nerd a person who chooses to spend a lot of time doing one activity, often in a technical field such as computers, math, or science.
oceanography the science that studies the oceans and the animals and plants that live in oceans.
paleontology the science that studies animal and plant fossils for information about life in the past.
physics (used with a singular verb) the science that deals with matter and energy, their qualities, and the relationships between them. Physics includes the study of light, heat, sound, electricity, and force.
psychology the study or science of the mind and of the ways that people feel and act.
science a system of studying, testing, and experimenting on things in nature. Science is a search for general laws about how the world works. [1/2 definitions]
science fiction a kind of fiction writing that is often about people living in the far future or about life on other planets or in other galaxies. Science fiction often tells of future scientific inventions or of strange beings or creatures from outer space.
scientific having to do with science.
scientist a person who works in some branch of science.
technical having terms that have to do with a particular science, art, or profession. [1/3 definitions]
technology a field of knowledge having to do with the practical applications of science and industry, or the inventions and methods of solving problems that are produced through research in these areas. [2 definitions]
theory the set of rules that forms the basis of an art or science. [1/3 definitions]
zoology the science and study of animals.