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acacia a tree that grows in tropical areas of the world, especially in parts of Africa and Australia. The branches of an acacia spread out very wide and evenly across the top. Sometimes the top of the tree looks almost flat.
broadcast to spread over a large area. [1/4 definitions]
butter a food like butter in texture and used as a spread. [2/3 definitions]
canopy something high in the air or sky that is spread out over the earth. The top layer of branches and leaves in a rainforest, for example, is called a canopy. [1/2 definitions]
chigger the tiny larva of a mite that lives in the skin of animals and causes great itching. It is usually not dangerous but can sometimes spread disease.
cobra a poisonous snake found in Asia and Africa. When excited, cobras are known to rear up and spread the skin of their necks into a shape like a hood.
communicable capable of being spread or passed on; contagious.
condor one of two kinds of vultures that are the largest flying birds of the Western Hemisphere. They have a bald head and neck, dark feathers, and can measure twelve feet across when they spread their wings.
contagious able to be spread from person to person.
control to stop the spread or growth of. [1/6 definitions]
cover to put or spread something over or on. [1/6 definitions]
disperse to spread or distribute in a wide area. [1/3 definitions]
distribute to spread over an area; scatter. [1/2 definitions]
elk a large deer found in northern Europe and Asia. It has large antlers shaped like a palm with spread fingers. In North America the same kind of animal is called a moose. [1/2 definitions]
fertilize to spread fertilizer over (a planted area). [1/3 definitions]
housefly an insect with two wings that is found in and around houses and other places where people live. It does not bite people, but it can spread a number of diseases.
infect to spread germs or disease to.
infected having or carrying a disease caused by a germs that are spread from person to person. [1/2 definitions]
jam2 a sweet spread made by cooking crushed fruit and sugar.
jelly a soft food made from fruit juice and sugar. It is usually spread on bread or toast. [1/2 definitions]
lay1 to place, put, or spread (something long or flat) over a surface. [1/6 definitions]