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leg a specific distance in a journey or race. [1/4 definitions]
man human beings in general; the human race. [1/4 definitions]
mankind the whole human race.
marathon a race in which participants run 26.2 miles. [1/2 definitions]
minority a group of people whose race, religion, or politics is different from the larger population group. [1/2 definitions]
overhaul to catch up to; overtake in a race. [1/3 definitions]
paddock an area near a race track where horses are kept before the race. [1/2 definitions]
people all persons who belong to the same community, country, religion, or race. [1/5 definitions]
persecute to continually treat in a cruel or harsh way because of race, religion, political ideas, or some other difference.
persecution the act of continually treating others in a cruel way because of race, religion, politics, or some other difference; or the condition of being treated in this way.
place to finish a race or contest in a particular position. [1/12 definitions]
prejudice hatred or unfair treatment toward a person or group without cause or reason. Prejudice is often directed toward people of a certain race or religion. [1/3 definitions]
racial having to do with a race of people. [1/2 definitions]
racism the opinion or belief that a particular race of people is better than another race or races. [2 definitions]
racist believing, implying, or claiming that one race of human beings is superior to another or others. [2/3 definitions]
relay a team in which people take turns doing a task or running part of a race. [2/3 definitions]
relay race a race between two or more teams in which each runner completes part of the race and then is replaced or relieved by another team member.
run a contest of running; race. [1/30 definitions]
segregate to require or enforce the separation of (people of a different race, religion, or class) from the dominant group in a society. [2/3 definitions]
segregated operating under a policy that requires certain groups of people to be separated from others along the lines of race, religion, or some other status. [2 definitions]
sprint a short race at top speed. [1/2 definitions]