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let to allow; permit. [2/4 definitions]
let out to allow to be known.
open to free from obstacles to allow passage. [1/16 definitions]
overlook to allow a view over. [1/4 definitions]
periscope an instrument on a submarine that is made up of a long tube with mirrors and prisms that allow one to see ships and other things above the surface of the water.
permit to allow (someone or something) to go into or be in a place. [2/4 definitions]
prohibit to not allow by law. [1/3 definitions]
release to allow to be shown, sold, or published. [1/4 definitions]
rocking chair a chair mounted on rockers or springs that allow it to rock back and forth.
sacrifice to allow to be taken away for the sake of something or someone else. [1/7 definitions]
show to cause or allow to be seen. [1/10 definitions]
snorkel a tube that is held in the mouth and extends above the surface of water. Snorkels allow swimmers to breathe while their faces are in the water.
spare to allow; afford. [1/12 definitions]
spill1 to cause or allow to flow or fall from a container. [1/7 definitions]
stairs a set of steps in or attached to a building that allow one to go from one floor or level to another.
tolerate to allow or accept; not oppose or attack. [1/2 definitions]