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madam (sometimes capitalized) a polite word to use when talking to a woman.
madame a formal or polite way to address a married woman. (abbreviation: Mme.)
regret (plural) a polite apology for refusing an invitation. [1/3 definitions]
respect (plural) a polite expression of greeting or esteem. [1/6 definitions]
respectful having or showing respect; being polite.
rough not polite or kind. [1/6 definitions]
rude showing poor manners; not polite. [1/2 definitions]
welcome used as a polite answer to an expression of thanks. [1/8 definitions]
well-mannered polite and considerate.
would used to form polite requests. [1/3 definitions]
would like used as polite form of "want" or when the possibility of doing what one wants is not considered likely or certain.