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maroon1 having a dark brownish-red color.
mink a small mammal with dark brown fur, a long body, short legs, and a bushy tail. Mink live near water, where they hunt water animals. One kind of mink lives in Europe and Asia; another kind lives in North America. Mink are closely related to polecats, ferrets, and other weasels. [1/2 definitions]
molasses a thick, sweet dark brown syrup made from sugar cane.
mulberry a dark reddish purple color. [1/3 definitions]
murky dark or gloomy. [1/2 definitions]
musk ox a large mammal with long, dark fur and wide horns. Musk oxen live in the northern regions of North America and Greenland. They have wide hooves for walking on snow. Musk oxen are closely related to cattle.
mustard a dark yellow color that looks like this paste. [1/3 definitions]
myrtle a kind of shrub that has evergreen leaves and bears pink or white flowers and fragrant dark blue berries. Myrtle is found in the Mediterranean region and western Asia. [1/2 definitions]
navy a dark blue color. [1/3 definitions]
nebula a cloud of dust or gas found between the stars. A nebula may seem either bright or dark, depending on how it reacts with light.
negative a photographic image on which light areas of the original subject appear dark and dark areas appear light. [1/7 definitions]
polecat a small mammal with dark fur, a long body, and short legs. Polecats are a kind of weasel. They live in Europe, northern Africa, and North America. Domesticated polecats are called ferrets. In North America, a kind of wild polecat is also called a ferret. [1/2 definitions]
pupil2 the small, dark opening in the center of the eye. Light passes through the pupil into the eye.
radium a silver-white, radioactive metal that is one of the chemical elements. Radium glows in the dark. It is used to treat cancer. (symbol: Ra)
roan having a dark coat thickly sprinkled with white. [1/2 definitions]
robin a large North American songbird that has a rusty red breast, a dark head and back, and a bright yellow bill. The North American robin is a type of thrush.
sable a small mammal with very dark brown fur, a long body, and short legs. Sables live in Europe and Asia and are related to weasels. [2/4 definitions]
shade to cause (an area) to be somewhat dark or darker. [2/10 definitions]
shadow the dark image cast on some surface by a person or thing blocking the light of the sun or another source of light. [1/5 definitions]
silhouette an outline or side view of a person's head that is filled with a dark, solid color. [2/3 definitions]
silicon a hard, dark gray substance that is a chemical element. It is found in silica, a compound that makes up one fourth of the earth's crust. Silicon is used in making glass, concrete, bricks, and computer chips. (symbol: Si)