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medium a substance that is a means of passing on a force or an effect. [1/6 definitions]
neutralize to cause to have no effect or become useless. [1/2 definitions]
noble having a strong effect; grand or splendid. [1/4 definitions]
reinforce to add strength to or increase the effect of.
repellent having the effect of driving away. [1/3 definitions]
set in to begin or take effect.
stand to remain in effect. [1/16 definitions]
stereo a system of equipment for playing sound that uses separate channels to create a realistic effect.
strategy a plan, method, or series of actions meant to perform a particular goal or effect. [1/2 definitions]
strength having a strong effect on the senses. [1/3 definitions]
strike to have a strong effect on the mind or feelings of; impress. [1/15 definitions]
stroke an event, idea, or happening that has a sudden, strong effect. [1/6 definitions]
take to have an effect. [1/25 definitions]
timing the act, art, or method of adjusting the pace of actions to create the most powerful or useful effect.
touch to have an emotional effect on. [1/11 definitions]
trauma an emotional shock that has a deep effect on one's life for a long time. [1/2 definitions]
vain not leading to a desirable or lasting effect. [1/2 definitions]
verge the point at which something happens, begins, or comes into effect; brink. [1/4 definitions]
veto the power of a government official or group to keep something from taking effect. [2 definitions]
void having no effect; useless. [1/8 definitions]