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meek patient and mild; not easily angered or upset, even when treated unfairly. [1/2 definitions]
overturn to cause to tip over; upset. [1/2 definitions]
patience the ability to calmly put up with pain or trouble without getting upset or angry. [1/2 definitions]
patient able to wait without complaining or becoming upset. [1/3 definitions]
rattle to confuse or upset. [1/6 definitions]
seethe to be very upset or angry. [1/2 definitions]
shake to upset; disturb. [1/10 definitions]
shock1 a sudden and powerful scare; an upset of the mind or feelings. [2/6 definitions]
shocking causing surprise, disgust, or other emotional upset.
sick tired, disgusted, or upset. [1/4 definitions]
smart to be upset. [1/6 definitions]
steady not easily upset; calm. [1/9 definitions]
tip2 to turn over; upset; topple (often followed by "over"). [1/6 definitions]
touchy easily made angry or upset; sensitive.
unsettled upset, shaken up, or disturbed. [1/5 definitions]
upset an instance or condition of being upset. [1/9 definitions]