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muffler a device used to make the sound of a car's engine quieter. [1/2 definitions]
neutral a position of gears where they are not engaged in an engine. [1/4 definitions]
outboard motor a small gasoline engine with a propeller, which is attached to the stern of a boat.
piston a part of an engine or some other machine that moves up and down within a tight sleeve in order to make the machine work.
radiator a device in a car that cools the engine. It is made up of metal tubes that hold and cool water and other liquids. [1/2 definitions]
steam engine an engine which uses steam to supply energy to its mechanical parts.
thrust the force that pushes a jet or rocket engine forward as it takes off. [2/4 definitions]
transmission a system of gears that sends power from the engine to the wheels in an automobile, truck, or other vehicle. [1/3 definitions]