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mutt a dog of mixed or unknown breed; mongrel.
ox one of a breed of large cattle used on farms to pull heavy loads.
palomino one of a breed of horses that has a golden or tan coat and a yellowish white mane and tail.
Pekingese a small breed of dog with short legs and long, silky, light brown hair. Pekingese were first bred in China.
poodle a breed of dog. Poodles range in size from very small to large and have thick, curly hair that can be cut in a fancy way.
purebred having ancestors that are all the same breed of animal. [1/2 definitions]
Shetland pony a breed of very small but strong pony native to the Shetland Islands of Scotland.
Siamese cat a breed of cat. Siamese cats are native to Thailand. They are known for their blue eyes and a pale gray or brown coat with darker ears, tail, and paws.
thoroughbred of a pure breed. [3 definitions]