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notion an idea, opinion, or view. [1/2 definitions]
opinion what one thinks about something or somebody; viewpoint. An opinion is not necessarily based on facts. Feelings and experiences usually help a person form an opinion. [1/3 definitions]
position point of view; opinion. [1/7 definitions]
prejudice an opinion that is formed without knowing or considering all the facts. [1/3 definitions]
proud having too high an opinion of one's self. [1/3 definitions]
racism the opinion or belief that a particular race of people is better than another race or races. [2 definitions]
reason a cause or explanation for an action, opinion, or event. [1/4 definitions]
say a chance to express an opinion. [1/6 definitions]
should used to express someone's opinion of the proper behavior or state of something, even if it is not true in reality. [1/5 definitions]
sing a different tune to change one's opinion or behavior.
stand to hold to an opinion or attitude. [1/16 definitions]
sway to change in sympathy or opinion. [2/6 definitions]
theory a view or opinion that has not been proved. [1/3 definitions]
think to have an opinion. [1/9 definitions]
think the world of to have a very high opinion of.
understanding explanation; opinion. [1/6 definitions]
verdict any decision or opinion. [1/2 definitions]
view (often plural) a way of thinking about something; opinion; perception. [1/7 definitions]
viewpoint an opinion.
voice the power to express an opinion. [1/6 definitions]
with of the same opinion as. [1/12 definitions]