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operate to perform surgery (usually followed by "on"). [1/3 definitions]
orchestra a group of musicians who play different kinds of instruments and perform together. [1/3 definitions]
program a sequence of instructions that allows a computer to perform a task or a set of operations. [1/7 definitions]
put on to stage or perform. [1/2 definitions]
quartet four musicians or singers who perform together as a group. [1/3 definitions]
ready able to perform or be used; fit. [1/6 definitions]
robot a machine that can perform some of the same tasks as a human being.
run to perform in by running. [1/30 definitions]
set to assign to perform a particular task. [1/19 definitions]
sing to perform as a singer. [1/4 definitions]
skill the power or ability to perform a task well, especially because of training or practice. [1/2 definitions]
snowboard to ride or perform tricks on a snowboard. [1/2 definitions]
solo to perform solo. [1/5 definitions]
stage to perform or present on a stage. [1/4 definitions]
star to perform the lead or be the star in a play or film. [1/8 definitions]
stoop1 to perform a task or act that lowers oneself or is not honest and upright. [1/4 definitions]
strategy a plan, method, or series of actions meant to perform a particular goal or effect. [1/2 definitions]
tightrope a thick rope or wire that is stretched tight and high above the ground. Acrobats perform on a tightrope at a circus.
tract1 a group of body parts and organs which act together to perform a function. [1/2 definitions]
tumble to perform somersaults, rolls, leaps, and other acrobatic exercises or stunts. [1/5 definitions]
vice president an officer who ranks directly below a president. The vice president works as president when the president cannot perform his duties. [1/2 definitions]