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operation the act or process of working or running. [1/4 definitions]
operator someone who controls the working of a machine or the activities of a business. [1/2 definitions]
order the working condition of something. [1/10 definitions]
out of commission not in working condition.
out of whack (informal) not working properly; out of order.
overtime time worked beyond the regular working hours in a day or week. [1/3 definitions]
performance way of working or operating. [1/3 definitions]
pull the force used in pulling or working against pulling. [1/8 definitions]
resident a doctor working in a hospital for a period of time in order to get special training. [1/2 definitions]
run-down not in proper working order. [1/3 definitions]
rusty covered with rust; not working well. [1/2 definitions]
seafaring working or living at sea. [1/2 definitions]
servant a person, such as a maid or cook, who has a job working in someone else's home. [1/2 definitions]
service to repair and to keep in working order. [1/9 definitions]
strike to refuse to continue working. [1/15 definitions]
teamwork the working together of a group of people to produce a desired result.
torch a tool that produces a very hot flame for working with glass or metal. [1/3 definitions]
vitamin one of a number of natural or human-made substances needed for the health and normal working of the body. Humans get most of their vitamins from food.
voluntary done or carried out by persons working without pay. [1/2 definitions]
week the amount of time spent working during a period of seven days. [1/2 definitions]
wireless working or sent without wires. [1/2 definitions]