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ore a rock or mineral from which a metal or other useful substance can be removed.
pebble a small, smooth rock rounded by the action of water.
pigeon a bird with a plump body, small head, and short legs. Some kinds of pigeons are also called rock doves.
pitch1 to rock or move suddenly from one side or end to the other. [1/11 definitions]
plate tectonics (used with a singular verb) a theory that scientists use to explain the movement of continents, the eruption of volcanoes, and other changes or events in the earth's geology. The theory of plate tectonics says that the earth's crust is made up of separate sections that are like very large plates. These sections move around constantly because they float on melted rock. The movement of these sections of the crust causes earthquakes.
reef1 a ridge of rock, sand, or coral at or near the surface of ocean waters.
rock1 a solid mass made up of minerals. Rock forms much of the earth's outer layer, including cliffs and mountains. [1/3 definitions]
rock2 a form of popular music with a strong beat and usually played loudly on electronic instruments such as guitars; rock-'n'-roll. [2/6 definitions]
rocker a chair with curved pieces attached to the bottom that allows a person to rock while sitting; rocking chair. [2/3 definitions]
rocking chair a chair mounted on rockers or springs that allow it to rock back and forth.
rock-'n'-roll a form of popular music with a strong beat; rock. [2 definitions]
rocky2 likely or tending to rock; not steady; shaky. [1/2 definitions]
roll to rock from side to side. [1/18 definitions]
rubble Pieces of broken rock, brick, or other material.
sand tiny, loose grains of ground rock, found on beaches and in deserts. [1/3 definitions]
sandstone rock that is formed mostly of sand and held together with a substance similar to cement.
shale a rock made of many thin layers that can easily be split into sheets.
shelf something that is like a shelf, such as a rock ledge. [1/2 definitions]
shooting star a chunk of metal or rock from outer space that burns up as it enters the earth's atmosphere; meteor.
slate a rock that tends to split in smooth layers. [2/3 definitions]
stalactite a rock formation that looks like an icicle and hangs from the roof of a cave. Stalactites are built up from minerals in dripping water.