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peel1 to pull, tear, or cut the outer covering from. [3/5 definitions]
petal one of the separate leaves that form the outer part of a flower head. Petals are usually a different color from the plant's other leaves.
petticoat a skirt worn under an outer skirt; slip.
planet a large body in outer space that circles around the sun or another star. Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are all planets in our solar system.
pore2 a tiny opening in the skin of an animal or outer surface of a plant through which air, water, or sweat may pass.
right facing out; outer; front. [1/21 definitions]
rind a thick, firm outer layer or covering. Oranges, lemons, melons, and some cheeses have rinds.
ring1 the outer edge of a circle. [1/6 definitions]
rock1 a solid mass made up of minerals. Rock forms much of the earth's outer layer, including cliffs and mountains. [1/3 definitions]
science fiction a kind of fiction writing that is often about people living in the far future or about life on other planets or in other galaxies. Science fiction often tells of future scientific inventions or of strange beings or creatures from outer space.
shape the appearance of an object as defined by its outer surface or outline; form. [1/6 definitions]
shell a hard outer covering of certain animals, such clams, snails, or oysters. This type of shell is made by the animal itself, and it is used by the animal to protect itself. [3/8 definitions]
shooting star a chunk of metal or rock from outer space that burns up as it enters the earth's atmosphere; meteor.
skin the outer covering of some fruits and vegetables. [1/5 definitions]
space the area that contains the entire universe beyond the earth; outer space. [1/7 definitions]
spacecraft a vehicle designed to travel in outer space.
spaceship a vehicle designed to carry people and cargo in outer space, as to the moon or the other planets.
spacesuit a suit worn by astronauts that lets them breathe in outer space.
spacewalk the action of an astronaut moving about outside a spacecraft in outer space.
tectonic plate one of the plate-like segments of the Earth's crust and upper mantle. The plates form the outer shell of the planet, and they are actually moving very slowly. Where the plates come into contact with each other, their movement can cause or play a part in the eruption of volcanoes, the building of mountains, and the occurrence of earthquakes.
tread that which touches the ground in walking, such as the sole of the foot or shoe, or in rolling, such as the outer surface of a tire or the belt around the wheels of a tank. [1/7 definitions]