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pet1 to pat or stroke; touch or treat as a pet. [1/4 definitions]
potholder a pad or mitten made of thick material used to handle cooking and baking utensils when they are too hot to touch.
reach to touch or take hold of by extending part of the body. [3/11 definitions]
sense any of five ways to understand or experience one's surroundings. The senses are touch, smell, taste, sight, and hearing. [1/9 definitions]
stroke to touch or brush gently with the hand or a brush. [1/6 definitions]
sweep to touch lightly; brush. [1/10 definitions]
tablet a small, flat computer with a touch screen. [1/4 definitions]
tag2 to touch in the game of tag, or in a similar game. [2/4 definitions]
tickle to touch or poke so as to cause a tingling feeling or laughter. [1/4 definitions]
toe to reach for, touch, or kick with the toes. [1/3 definitions]