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platform the stated ideas and goals of a political party or person running for public office. [1/3 definitions]
rabbit a small mammal with long ears and long back legs for running or jumping. Rabbits have soft fur and a short tail. They are herbivores with long front teeth. Some kinds of rabbits make tunnels or burrows in the ground. Cottontails and hares are kinds of rabbits.
relay a team in which people take turns doing a task or running part of a race. [1/3 definitions]
rerun the act of running or showing again. [1/3 definitions]
run to perform in by running. [4/30 definitions]
running mate a candidate running for a less important office than the one for which the fellow candidate is running.
slide to fall from a running position and move along the ground toward a base in baseball or softball. [1/11 definitions]
stall1 to cause to stop running. [1/3 definitions]
strum to play by running the fingers in a light way across the strings. [1/2 definitions]
stumble to trip or lose one's balance in walking or running. [1/4 definitions]
track a path or course laid out for running or racing in competitive sports, often in the shape of an oval. [1/5 definitions]
track and field a set of athletic events that take place on or near a running track. Track and field events include running, jumping, and throwing.