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plug a device with two or three prongs on the end of an electrical cord. It is put into an outlet to make a connection with an electric circuit. [1/4 definitions]
pole2 either of the opposite ends of a magnet, or either of the charged ends of an electric battery. [1/2 definitions]
shock1 to give an electric shock to. [1/6 definitions]
toaster1 an electric appliance used to heat and brown bread or rolls.
transistor a small device used to control the flow of electric current. Transistors use very little energy. They are found in televisions, computers, and other kinds of electronic equipment.
volt1 a unit of force for measuring electric current. (abbreviated: V)
voltage the force of an electric current as measured in volts.
watt a unit for measuring the force of electric power. (abbreviated: w, W)
wire the line or cable used in a telephone, telegraph, or electric power system. [1/8 definitions]