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power point the British word for the point in an electrical system where the cord is plugged into the current. "Power point" has the same meaning as "outlet."
proton a tiny particle in the nucleus of an atom. A proton has a positive electrical charge.
shock1 the feeling caused by an electrical current passing through the body. [1/6 definitions]
short a break in an electrical circuit; short circuit. [1/9 definitions]
signal electrical or sound waves that are sent or received. [1/7 definitions]
static of or having to do with electrical charges within an object. [2/5 definitions]
switch a device that opens and closes an electrical circuit. [1/8 definitions]
television the process of sending pictures through the air as electrical waves over distances to be seen on a screen; TV. [1/2 definitions]
terminal a device at the end of a wire or cable that allows a connection to be made to an electrical circuit. [1/5 definitions]
unplug to remove (the plug of an electrical appliance) from an outlet.
vacuum cleaner an electrical appliance that cleans floors, carpets, rugs, and upholstery by means of suction.
wire to put an electrical system in. [1/8 definitions]