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promenade a leisurely walk, especially in a public place. [2 definitions]
ramble a relaxed walk or stroll. [1/3 definitions]
run a pace faster than a walk. [1/30 definitions]
runway a narrow platform attached to a stage. Models and actors walk on runways to be closer to the audience. [1/2 definitions]
stagger to walk or stand in an unsteady way or with a need for support. [1/4 definitions]
stalk2 to walk in a stiff, confident, often threatening, manner. [1/2 definitions]
stamp to walk in an angry way by stamping the feet. [1/10 definitions]
stand a counter, stall, or movable shop where customers can walk up and buy things. A stand is usually outdoors. [1/16 definitions]
stilt a long, thin pole with a block to rest the foot upon. With a pair of stilts, a person can walk above the ground. [1/2 definitions]
stomp to stamp or walk heavily upon so as to smash or otherwise harm. [2/3 definitions]
stoop1 to stand or walk with shoulders and neck hanging forward. [1/4 definitions]
stride to walk with long, even steps. [1/3 definitions]
stroll to walk slowly without a clear goal or purpose. [2 definitions]
strut1 to walk in a proud or vain manner. [1/2 definitions]
subway the British word for a passage or tunnel beneath a road or railway for pedestrians to walk through. This meaning of subway has the same meaning as underpass. [1/2 definitions]
tiptoe to walk quietly or on tiptoes. [1/2 definitions]
toddler a young child who has just learned to walk.
tramp to walk with heavy steps. [3/6 definitions]
tread to step or walk on, in, or along. [2/7 definitions]
trot to go at a pace between a walk and a run; jog. [2/4 definitions]
trudge to walk in a heavy way with much effort or weariness. [2 definitions]