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pulp any soft, wet mass of material. [1/3 definitions]
quicksand a deep, wet, mixture of sand and water. Quicksand pulls down and swallows up a person or thing that stands on it.
reed a tall grass with straight, jointed stalks that grows in low, wet areas. [1/2 definitions]
rice a grass that is usually grown in warm, wet areas of the world such as parts of India, China, and Japan. [1/2 definitions]
rush2 a grass that grows in wet places. Rushes have thin, hollow stems, small green or brown flowers, and are used to make baskets and other items.
shower1 to wet or spray with a shower of rain or water. [1/8 definitions]
sloppy wet or muddy. [1/3 definitions]
slug1 a small land animal with a soft body and two tentacles with eyes. Slugs are mollusks closely related to snails, but they do not have a visible shell. They live in wet places and eat plants. [1/2 definitions]
soak to lie in and become covered or completely wet with a liquid. [4/7 definitions]
soggy completely wet; heavy with moisture; saturated.
splash to wet or soil by this means. [1/6 definitions]
sponge to wipe, clean, or make wet with a sponge. [1/5 definitions]
squirt to wet with liquid shot out in a thin jet or spray. [1/5 definitions]
swamp a wet, low area of land that is usually covered with water; bog; marsh. [1/4 definitions]
tear1 a drop of salty liquid that comes from the eye. Tears clean the eye and keep it wet. [1/2 definitions]
water moccasin a venomous snake found in swamps or wet areas of the southern United States. The water moccasin is brown or olive in color and shows the white inside of its mouth when threatened.
wet to make wet, damp, or moist. [1/6 definitions]
winter cold, often wet or damp, weather. [1/4 definitions]