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reveal to make known; tell. [1/2 definitions]
rumor to tell or spread by rumor. [1/2 definitions]
spill1 (informal) to tell or reveal. [1/7 definitions]
spill the beans to tell a secret by accident or on purpose.
strike to tell by means of sound. [1/15 definitions]
strip2 a series of pictures or images joined together in a row that tell a story or show something. [1/2 definitions]
sum up to state or tell again in a short, clear way.
tattle to tell secrets or give information about another person. [2 definitions]
tattle on to betray by telling secrets to another; tell on.
told past tense and past participle of tell.
warn to tell of a possible danger; alert. [1/2 definitions]
will1 used to tell one's decision or intention to do something. [1/6 definitions]