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rudder a movable blade at the rear end of a ship or airplane, used to control direction.
runner one of the two long, narrow pieces on which a sled or sleigh slides; blade. [1/4 definitions]
saw1 a tool with a thin metal blade that has sharp teeth along the edge. Saws are used for cutting hard materials such as wood or metal. [1/2 definitions]
scabbard a case for holding a sword or other weapon with a blade.
scythe a tool that has a long handle with a long, curved blade attached to the end at a right angle. It is used for cutting grass or harvesting grain by hand.
sheath a case for the blade of a sword or knife.
sickle a tool with a long, sharp, curved blade and a short handle. It is used to cut grain and long grass.
skate1 a shoe with either a blade or a set of small wheels attached to the bottom. Skates are used to move on ice or other hard surfaces. [1/2 definitions]
snowplow a machine or vehicle with a large shovel or blade for clearing snow from streets, highways, runways, or driveways.
spade1 a tool shaped like a shovel and used for digging. A spade has a long handle and a flat blade that can be pushed into the ground with a foot. [1/2 definitions]
sword a weapon that has a long pointed blade fixed on a handle or hilt. Swords are used to cut or thrust.
trowel any hand tool that has a flat blade. Trowels are used to work with plaster and cement. [2 definitions]