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run to flow or spread. [1/30 definitions]
seep to spread or flow through gradually.
sift to spread or sprinkle using a sieve or as though using a sieve. [1/2 definitions]
smear to spread or apply on or over a surface. [3/5 definitions]
spill1 to spread out in a rush or beyond some boundary. [1/7 definitions]
split (sometimes plural) a movement in gymnastics in which the legs are spread in opposite directions as the body sinks to the ground. [1/10 definitions]
sprawl to lie, sit, or fall with the arms and legs spread out in a loose or relaxed way. [2 definitions]
spread food that can be spread on crackers, bread, vegetables, or other foods. [1/7 definitions]
stretch to spread out or reach out to the full length in order to make loose and flexible. [1/13 definitions]
tick2 a small animal that is related to the spider. Ticks attach themselves to people and other animals and suck their blood. Ticks are known to spread disease.
transmit to pass on or spread. [1/3 definitions]
unfold to open or spread out from a folded condition. [2/4 definitions]
wash a thin layer spread to cover a surface. [1/12 definitions]
widespread open or spread out to full width. [1/2 definitions]
wingspread the distance from the tip of one wing of a bird or plane to the tip of the other wing when they are spread wide.
worldwide spread or happening all over the world.