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Satan the supreme evil spirit in Christianity and Judaism. Satan is considered to be the enemy of humans, the rival of God, and the ruler of hell; the Devil.
scale3 a set of numbered marks made at evenly spaced points along a ruler, thermometer, or other measuring device. [1/6 definitions]
sovereign a monarch or other royal ruler. [1/3 definitions]
standard a flag or banner of a nation or ruler. [1/5 definitions]
sultan the ruler of an Islamic country.
throne the seat used by a ruler or other important person for ceremonies or other special events. [2 definitions]
tyrant a ruler who governs absolutely with unfairness and cruelty. [1/2 definitions]
Uranus the ruler of the heavens in Greek mythology. Uranus was overthrown by his son, who was then overthrown by his own son, Zeus, who became ruler of the Greek gods. [1/2 definitions]
Zeus the ruler of the gods, in Greek mythology. In Roman mythology, Zeus is called Jupiter.