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say to produce (words or sounds) with one's voice. [1/6 definitions]
sing to make musical sounds with the voice. [1/4 definitions]
soprano the singing voice or part with the highest range. [2/3 definitions]
speak to utter words in one's usual voice; talk. [3/7 definitions]
such to the degree mentioned or implied, or to the degree that someone can understand from the situation or from the strong emotion in one's voice. [1/5 definitions]
tenor a man's singing voice with the highest natural range, or a singer with such a voice. [2/3 definitions]
treble of, having to do with, or having the highest musical part, voice, range, or instrument. [2 definitions]
trill a trembling or quivering sound made by a singing voice or a musical instrument. [1/3 definitions]
utter1 to give forth with the voice.
ventriloquism the skill or act of speaking without moving the lips so that the voice seems to come from a source other than the speaker.
verb a word that expresses a state of being or an action. Verbs usually have different forms to express tense, voice, mood, and number. "Read," "blew," "drives," "seemed," and "skip" are examples of verbs.
vocal having to do with or produced by the voice. [1/3 definitions]
vocal cords the folds at the top of the windpipe that produce the sounds of the voice. There are two pairs of vocal cords. When air passes over the lower pair, it vibrates and sounds are made.
voice to express with the voice. [1/6 definitions]
yodel to sing or call out with quick changes of the voice so that sounds range in an instant from low or medium pitch, with sounds coming from the chest, to very high pitch. Yodeling is popular among the mountain people of the Alps. [2 definitions]