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scale3 degree, extent, or level. [1/6 definitions]
sea level the surface level of the sea, halfway between high and low tide. It is used as the starting point for measuring elevations and depths.
sink to fall or drop slowly to another level. [2/8 definitions]
slope ground that is not level or flat; side of a hill. [1/4 definitions]
sonic of, related to, or being a speed approaching or equal to that of sound in air, at the same distance above sea level. [1/2 definitions]
stairs a set of steps in or attached to a building that allow one to go from one floor or level to another.
story2 one level of a building; floor.
straight level; even. [1/8 definitions]
subside to sink to a lower or normal level. [1/2 definitions]
underhand done with the hand below shoulder level. [2/3 definitions]
uneven not straight, level, or parallel. [1/5 definitions]
up to or at a higher level or amount. [2/23 definitions]
upgrade to raise to a higher level of quality, rank, or importance. [1/2 definitions]
upper higher in place, rank, position, or level. [1/2 definitions]