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actor a person who acts a part in a play, a movie, or a radio or television program.
attraction a movie, concert, or other event that many people want to see. [1/3 definitions]
character a person in a story, play, or movie. [1/6 definitions]
cinema a movie theater. [1/2 definitions]
director a person who guides the actors and directs the performance of the script for a play or movie. [1/2 definitions]
feature the main film in a movie theater. [1/4 definitions]
film a motion picture; movie. [2/5 definitions]
footage a portion of film, such as a scene from a movie or part of all the film that was shot at a particular event.
lead1 the main part played by an actor in a play, movie, or other show. [1/13 definitions]
matinee a movie, play, or other performance held in the morning or afternoon.
motion picture a story that is told by means of filmed pictures and recorded sound; film or movie. [1/2 definitions]
musical a play or movie in which characters at times perform songs instead of speaking their parts. [1/5 definitions]
NC17 a movie rating that means persons seventeen years old and younger will not be admitted. NC17 stands for "No Children 17 or Under."
opening a beginning of a book, play, concert, movie, or game. [1/5 definitions]
part a role, as in a play or movie. [1/13 definitions]
phrase a part of a sentence that has meaning and grammatical order but does not have both a subject and a verb. "Wants to see" and "the horror movie" are both phrases in the sentence "Bert wants to see the horror movie again." [1/4 definitions]
picture a motion picture; movie; film. [1/7 definitions]
plot1 the story line or order of events in a book, play, or movie. [1/4 definitions]
portray to play the part of in a play or movie. [1/2 definitions]
scene a part of an act in a movie or play. [1/4 definitions]
scenery the painted walls or objects that make up the set of a play or movie. [1/2 definitions]