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sentence a complete unit of words in either writing or speech with a clear beginning and a full stop. A sentence usually has a subject and a verb. Sentences can state things, ask questions, give commands, or be exclamations. [2/3 definitions]
simple sentence a sentence that has only one clause. "We waited for the bus early in the morning" is an example of a simple sentence.
statement any sentence that is not a question. [1/3 definitions]
subject a noun or noun phrase that is one of the two main parts of a sentence. A subject usually names the person, place, thing, or condition that the verb explains. [1/10 definitions]
syntax the word order or pattern of word order in a sentence. [1/2 definitions]
transitive verb a verb that has a direct object. In the sentence, "My father owns a grocery store," "owns" is a transitive verb and "store" is the direct object.
well1 used during a pause in a conversation, or as the start of a sentence. [1/12 definitions]