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shrimp a small animal with a hard, jointed shell and five pairs of legs. Most kinds of shrimp live in the ocean, but a few kinds live in fresh water. Shrimp are crustaceans and are closely related to crabs and lobsters. Many kinds of shrimp can be eaten. [1/3 definitions]
simple consisting of few parts or things, or consisting only of things that are necessary. [1/3 definitions]
step to move by taking one or a few steps. [1/8 definitions]
sunny consisting of weather in which the sky is blue and few clouds block the sun; not cloudy. [1/3 definitions]
thruway a long highway that crosses one or more states. Cars and trucks can travel quickly on a thruway because there are few entrances and exits. Some states charge drivers for using a thruway.
yak1 a large, heavy mammal with long hair. Yaks are closely related to cattle. They live in Tibet and Central Asia. People raise yaks to carry loads and for their milk, fur, and leather. Very few yaks are left in the wild.