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shrug the motion of raising and drawing in the shoulders. [1/2 definitions]
slash to cut or strike with a strong, sweeping motion. [1/5 definitions]
slip1 to cause to move with an easy or sliding motion. [1/13 definitions]
somersault a motion in which the body rolls all the way over backward or forward. [1/2 definitions]
spark (informal) to set in motion; stir up. [1/5 definitions]
speed rate of motion. [1/5 definitions]
spin a twirling motion or feeling. [1/8 definitions]
stamp to make a stamping motion with the foot. [1/10 definitions]
start to set in motion; cause to begin. [1/8 definitions]
static without motion; fixed. [1/5 definitions]
steam to be in motion using or as if using steam power. [1/7 definitions]
step the movement made by lifting one foot and putting it down in another place; motion used in walking. [1/8 definitions]
stir1 to put into motion. [2/9 definitions]
surge a strong forward motion; rush. [1/3 definitions]
swarm1 a group of people, animals, or things in motion; throng. [1/6 definitions]
sweep to pass over by a long, steady motion. [3/10 definitions]
swing to cause to move in a wide motion. [1/10 definitions]
swirl to move around with a spinning or whirling motion. [2/4 definitions]
swoop to take, lift up, or remove in a single motion from above; scoop up (often followed by "away," "up," or "off"). [2/3 definitions]
toss to lift with a sharp motion. [1/8 definitions]
twitch to move or pull with a quick, sudden motion; jerk. [2/3 definitions]