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small intestine the narrow part of the intestine which connects the stomach and the large intestine. The small intestine digests food and absorbs nutrients into the blood.
spleen an organ near the stomach that stores blood. The spleen gets rid of old red blood cells, and makes certain kinds of white blood cells.
swallow1 to cause food to go from the mouth to the stomach. [1/6 definitions]
throat the narrow passage inside the neck. Food and air pass through the throat to the stomach and lungs. [1/2 definitions]
throw up to bring up food and liquid from your stomach through your mouth; vomit.
ulcer an open sore on the body. Ulcers produce pus and are found on the skin or in the stomach or small intestine.
vomit to throw up food and other contents of the stomach through the mouth. [1/2 definitions]