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smile to wear an expression on the face in which the corners of the mouth turn up and the eyes get brighter. Smiling usually shows that a person is happy, amused, or friendly. [1/2 definitions]
so used as an expression of surprise, amazement, or understanding. [1/13 definitions]
sorry used as an expression of apology or regret. [1/4 definitions]
stiff not easy in expression or movement; formal. [1/8 definitions]
sympathy a feeling or expression of gentle concern for someone who is sad, troubled, or in pain. [2/3 definitions]
tear1 (plural) the expression of feeling through crying. [1/2 definitions]
thanks an expression of gratitude. [1/2 definitions]
Thanksgiving (lower case) the act or expression of being thankful. [1/2 definitions]
thumbs-up an expression or gesture that shows that one approves, agrees, or is happy or satisfied with something.
vent to give expression to suddenly or with force. [1/3 definitions]
voice an expression of desire or interest. [1/6 definitions]
vote a formal expression of a choice in an election or other group decision. [1/6 definitions]
welcome used as a polite answer to an expression of thanks. [1/8 definitions]