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average a usual amount or kind; something that is not outside the ordinary. [2/7 definitions]
commonplace ordinary; not special. [1/2 definitions]
common sense ordinary good judgment in everyday matters. Common sense is learned through experience and not through education.
decipher to change from a code into ordinary language. [1/2 definitions]
decode to change from code into ordinary language.
dramatic out of the ordinary; exciting. [1/2 definitions]
eccentric not behaving or thinking in an ordinary or accepted way; odd; peculiar. [1/2 definitions]
everyday ordinary; common. [1/2 definitions]
exceptional different, unusual, or out of the ordinary. [1/2 definitions]
extraordinary very unusual; far beyond the ordinary. [1/2 definitions]
honorary given as an honor or as an award for achievement, but not earned in the ordinary way.
mainframe a computer that is much bigger and more powerful than ordinary computers. Mainframes are used chiefly by large companies and other organizations. A mainframe can be connected to a number of computer terminals and used by many people at the same time.
natural expected; ordinary. [1/7 definitions]
out outdoors, or to a place other than one's ordinary indoor location. [1/13 definitions]
people the mass of ordinary persons (often used with "the"). [1/5 definitions]
phobia a very strong fear or dislike of something that is far beyond ordinary fear or dislike.
rough without the good things of ordinary daily life. [1/6 definitions]
rough it to live without the ordinary daily comforts.
simple ordinary or common. [1/3 definitions]
snap a photograph taken with an ordinary camera; snapshot. [1/15 definitions]
snapshot a photograph taken with a small, ordinary camera.