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spinal column the row of bones that runs along the center of the back; spine; backbone. The bones of the spinal column are called vertebrae. The spinal column protects the nerves in the spinal cord.
spinal cord the thick cord of nerve tissue inside the spine that runs from the base of the brain to the end of the spine.
string a cord or thin rope. [4/9 definitions]
tendon a cord or band of tough white tissue that connects a muscle with a bone or other body part; sinew.
thread a fine cord used in sewing, weaving, and the like. Thread is usually made of two or more fibers such as cotton twisted together. [1/7 definitions]
tie to fasten, secure, or bind with a cord or string. [2/9 definitions]
umbilical cord a cord that connects an unborn baby to its mother. The umbilical cord supplies nourishment to the fetus and takes away wastes.
Venetian blind a window blind made of thin slats connected by a cord. The slats can be tilted to control the amount of air or light let through. A cord is also used to raise and lower the blind.
whip a long, thin cord, strap, or rod, often used to strike a person or an animal. [1/7 definitions]
wick a cord in a candle or oil lamp that draws up fuel to be burned at its upper end.