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staircase a set of steps with a railing that goes from one floor to another in a building.
stairs a set of steps in or attached to a building that allow one to go from one floor or level to another.
stalagmite a rock formation that looks like a cone and is built upward from the floor of a cave. Stalagmites are built up from minerals in dripping water.
story2 one level of a building; floor.
throw to cause to fall to the floor or ground. [1/8 definitions]
trapdoor a door that is fitted into a floor, ceiling, or roof. Some trapdoors open and close by sliding, and others use a hinge.
trench a long, narrow part of the ocean floor that is much deeper than the area on either side of it. A trench is like a deep dent or cut in the floor of the ocean. [1/3 definitions]
upstairs on or toward an upper floor; up the stairs. [3 definitions]
vinyl a tough, shiny plastic made from a resin. Phonograph records, floor coverings, and water pipes are some things that are made of vinyl.