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all right "okay"; "yes"; "as you wish." [1/4 definitions]
anxious having a strong wish; eager. [1/2 definitions]
care to want or wish (followed by "for"). [2/8 definitions]
covet to wish to have very much; envy.
curse a statement of a wish that something bad will happen to someone or something. [1/6 definitions]
desire to want or wish for. [2/3 definitions]
embarrassing causing a feeling of emotional discomfort or shame, often making one's face become red or one's cheeks to feel hot, or causing one to wish to hide from others.
envy something someone has that other people wish they had. [1/3 definitions]
hanker to wish or long for something (often followed by "for" or "after").
hope a wish for something that one thinks could come true; desire. [2/5 definitions]
how about what is your wish about having or doing.
hungry having a strong wish or desire. [1/2 definitions]
if I really wish that. [1/5 definitions]
impulse a sudden wish or desire that makes a person want to do something. [1/2 definitions]
involuntary not caused or decided by one's own choice, will, or wish. [1/2 definitions]
malice the wish to harm others; ill will.
malicious having or reflecting a wish to harm.
may used to express a sincere wish or desire. [1/3 definitions]
please to be the will or wish of. [2/4 definitions]
spite the wish to hurt, bother, or embarrass a person. [1/2 definitions]
want to desire; wish for. [2/9 definitions]