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g1 abbreviation of "gram" or "grams."
g2 the seventh letter of the English alphabet. [2 definitions]
GA abbreviation of "Georgia."
gable the part of an outside wall that is shaped like a triangle because it fills the space between two sloping ends of a roof.
Gabon a country in west Africa on the Atlantic coast. Libreville is the capital of Gabon.
gadget a small tool or device with a clever design or unusual use.
Gaelic the language that has been spoken in Scotland since before English came into use there. It is sometimes called "Scottish Gaelic." [2 definitions]
gag1 to prevent from speaking or crying out by putting something across or inside the mouth. [3 definitions]
gag2 (informal) a joke or prank.
gaiety the state of being happy and cheerful.
gaily in a cheerful or happy way.
gain to get. [7 definitions]
gait a way of walking or running.
gal. abbreviation of "gallon," or "gallons."
gala a happy celebration, especially a large, elaborate one.
galaxy a collection of billions of stars and other matter held together by gravity. Our planet Earth and the sun belong to the Milky Way galaxy. They are only tiny parts of this galaxy.
gale a strong wind of about thirty to sixty miles per hour. [2 definitions]
gallant brave and dashing.
gallery an upper floor which opens over a theater or large hall; balcony. [2 definitions]
galley a large, low ship of ancient and medieval times that was moved by oars and sometimes by sails. [2 definitions]
gallon a unit of measure equal to 4 quarts or 3.7854 liters. (abbreviated: gal.)