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q the seventeenth letter of the English alphabet.
Qatar a Middle Eastern country in eastern Arabia on a peninsula in the Persian Gulf. The capital of Qatar is Doha.
qt. abbreviation of "quart," or "quarts."
quack1 the sound that a duck makes. [2 definitions]
quack2 a person who pretends do be a doctor, but doesn't have proper training or skill. [3 definitions]
quadrilateral any flat closed figure with four straight sides, such as a square or parallelogram.
quadruped an animal with four feet.
quadruple multiplied by four. [2 definitions]
quadruplet one of four children or animals born to the same mother at the same time.
quahog a small, round clam that lives in the ocean along the eastern coast of North America. Quahogs are mollusks with a soft body and a hard shell. Quahogs are eaten by people.
quail1 a bird related to the chicken that lives on the ground and is often hunted for sport and food.
quaint pleasant in an old-fashioned way.
quake to tremble, shake, or shiver. [3 definitions]
Quaker a member of a Christian religious group founded in England about 1650, called the Society of Friends.
qualification something that makes a person fit for an activity or job. [2 definitions]
qualified having the qualities or skills that are needed. [2 definitions]
qualify to make or be fit for a job or activity. [3 definitions]
quality a feature that makes a person or thing what it is. [3 definitions]
qualm a feeling of guilt or doubt. [2 definitions]
quantity amount or number. [2 definitions]
quarantine the keeping of a person, animal, or thing away from others to stop a disease from spreading. [2 definitions]