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-s1 a suffix used to form the third person singular present tense of all regular and most irregular verbs.
-s2 a suffix used to form the regular plural of most nouns.
-'s2 a suffix used to form the possessive of most singular nouns, some plural nouns not ending in "s," and some pronouns.
-'s3 a suffix used as a shortened form of "is." [3 definitions]
S1 abbreviation of "south."
s the nineteenth letter of the English alphabet. [2 definitions]
Sabbath Saturday, the day of rest and worship for Jews and some Christians. [2 definitions]
saber a heavy sword with one sharp edge. It is usually curved.
saber-toothed tiger a large wild cat with very long teeth curving from its upper jaw. Saber-toothed tigers were carnivores that hunted the young of mammoths and other large animals. The last kinds of saber-toothed tigers became extinct over ten thousand years ago. Modern tigers are not related to saber-toothed tigers.
sable a small mammal with very dark brown fur, a long body, and short legs. Sables live in Europe and Asia and are related to weasels. [4 definitions]
sabotage secret activity that causes damage to enemy property or causes disturbance to an enemy's operations. [2 definitions]
sabre a spelling of "saber" used in Canada and Britain. See "saber" for more information.
SAC abbreviation of "Strategic Air Command."
sac a plant or animal part shaped like a bag or pouch.
saccharine having to do with sugar; extremely sweet. [2 definitions]
sack1 a large bag made of thick paper or other strong material and used for holding various kinds of things such as grain, potatoes, onions, coarse salt, and seeds. [4 definitions]
sack2 to steal valuable things from, after capturing. [2 definitions]
sack out (slang) to go to bed.
sacred having to do with religion. [2 definitions]
sacrifice the act of giving up something of great value to show loyalty or deep affection. [7 definitions]
sad unhappy or without joy. [2 definitions]