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unbecoming not attractive or proper on a particular person. [2 definitions]
unbelievable astounding or very hard to believe.
uncanny beyond ordinary human or natural means or ability.
uncertain not known for sure; not definite. [3 definitions]
uncle the brother or brother-in-law of one's father or mother. [2 definitions]
unclear hard to understand; confusing. [2 definitions]
Uncle Sam a cartoon person that represents the government or people of the United States. Uncle Sam is a tall, thin man with a beard, top hat, and trousers that have red and white stripes. [2 definitions]
uncomfortable feeling discomfort; not comfortable. [2 definitions]
uncommon unusual or rare.
unconscious not conscious or aware. [3 definitions]
unconstitutional not according to the constitution of a state or country.
uncooperative not willing to work together or cooperate.
uncover to remove the cover from. [2 definitions]
undaunted not discouraged; not giving up even though something is difficult or frightening.
undecided not yet decided or settled. [2 definitions]
under below; beneath. [15 definitions]
under- a prefix that means "below" or "beneath." [2 definitions]
underclothes clothing worn next to the skin under other clothing; underwear.
under cover hidden; in secret.
underdog a person or team that is expected to lose a contest in sports or politics.
undergo to have the experience of; receive; endure.