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Word part Type Origin Definition
meta- prefix Greek change, between, after, beyond
metr, -meter, -metry root Greek measure
micro- prefix Greek small
mill, milli, -illion root Latin thousand
mim root Latin copy, imitate
min root Latin small; make smaller
minist, minst root Latin serve, assist
mis- prefix Latin bad, badly, wrongly
mis2, miso root Greek hate
mit, mis1, mitt, miss, -mise root Latin send, let go
mne, mnes, mnest root Greek memory
mob, mot, mov root Latin move
mon root Latin advise, warn
mon, mono root Greek one, single, alone
morph, morpho root Greek shape, form
mort root Latin death
mos, mor-, mores root Latin custom, morals
multi- prefix Latin many
mut root Latin change, interchange
my, myo root Greek muscle
myri root Greek a large number