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Word part Type Origin Definition
ortho root Greek straight, vertical, perpendicular; correct
-ory, -atory2 adjective-forming suffix Latin serving to, pertaining to
-ose1 adjective-forming suffix Latin having many or much of; tending toward
-ose2 noun-forming suffix Greek carbohydrate, esp. sugar
-osis noun-forming suffix Greek condition (usually medical)
-osity noun-forming suffix Latin state or condition of
oste, osteo root Greek bone
-otic adjective-forming suffix Greek having or related to (a condition or state)
oto, ot root Greek ear
-ous, -ious adjective-forming suffix Latin full of, characterized by
out- prefix Old English out, outside, outward; beyond, better, more
ov, ovi root Latin egg
over- prefix Old English excessively, too much; over, on top, above
pac root Latin peace
pale, paleo root Greek ancient
palp root Latin touch
pan, panto root Greek all
par1 root Latin equal
par2 root Latin to bear, give birth to
para root Greek defense against
para- prefix Greek beside, alongside