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Word part Type Origin Definition
term root Latin end, boundary
terr, terra root Latin earth, land
tetr, tetra root Greek four
text root Latin weave
-th2 noun-forming suffix Old English the act or state of
-th1, -eth adjective- and noun-forming suffix Old English in the position in a series indicated by the base number;
the, theo root Greek god
therm, thermo root Greek heat, temperature
tom, -tome, -tomy, -stomy root Greek to cut
tort root Latin twist
tra-, trans- prefix Latin across, over, to the other side
tract root Latin draw, pull
tri root Latin three
trib root Latin grant; allot
trit root Latin friction, wearing away
trop root Greek turn, change
troph, tropho, -trophy root Greek nourishment
trud, trus root Latin push
-tude noun-forming suffix Latin state or condition of
turb root Latin confusion
-ty, -ity, -uity, -eity noun-forming suffix Latin state or quality of being