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Word part Type Origin Definition
-ule noun-forming suffix Latin small
-ulent adjective-forming suffix Latin characterized by, full of
-ulous adjective-forming suffix Latin tending to, characterized by
ultra- prefix Latin beyond, excessive
un-1 prefix Old English not
un-2 prefix Old English reverse (an action)
under- prefix Old English below, not enough
uni root Latin one
urb root Latin city
-ure noun-forming suffix Latin act or process of
us, ut, util root Latin use
vac root Latin empty
vad, vas root Latin to go
vag root Latin wander
val, valu, valid root Latin strength; worth
var root Latin different
veni, vent, ven, -vene root Latin to come
ver root Latin truth
verb root Latin word
verd root Latin green
vers, vert root Latin to turn; to be occupied with