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Word part Type Origin Definition
pac root Latin peace
pale, paleo root Greek ancient
palp root Latin touch
pan, panto root Greek all
par1 root Latin equal
par2 root Latin to bear, give birth to
para root Greek defense against
para- prefix Greek beside, alongside
part root Latin divide
path, patho, -pathic, -pathy root Greek suffer, feel; disease
pati, pass root Latin suffer, endure
patr, patri, pater root Latin father, fatherland
pecc root Latin sin
ped1, pedi, -pede root Latin foot, feet
ped2, pedo root Greek child
pel, puls root Latin drive, push
pend, pens root Latin hang; weigh; spend
penta, pent root Greek five
pept, peps root Greek digestion
per- prefix Latin through, throughout; very
peri root Greek around, surrounding